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25. janúar 2006

Caio Fiche Zanforlin - skiptinemi frá Brasilíu hélt erindi á fundi mánudaginn 23. janúar

Since the very first hours after I left Brazil, I started realizing how important this year would be. I had never traveled abroad before. I had never really needed to speak an other language before. And when I knew I would have to do that for the first time on my own, it kind of scared me. But I was decided about getting through this.


Everything went well during the flights, and when I finally landed in Iceland I was really reliefed and proud of myself. I had done everything right and was thousands of kilometers far from home, all by myself. It made me feel really excited and independent. When I left the airport I thought I´ve gotta do this at least once a month!


Soon I was on my new bed in my new house and everything around was new for me. Such a lot of changes in just one single day. In the next weeks I started at school, met a lot of new people, and made some friends. In the first month I was so busy and didn’t have much time to thinka about Brazil, but as soon as I fell in my daily routine I started missing things. It became difficult to slept at night with such a lot of things to think about, so I made a decision. I would let myself lose a little bit of contact with people in Brazil. What a difficult decision, but it worked. I became much more focused in my life here. Everything was going well. I was really having fun going to a lots of parties, meeting a lot of people and traveling a lot.


Some day I received an unexpected news that brought me down for a week. I had lost a friend of mine. It’s very difficult to be so far when thing like that happen, but even such a bad experience was good for me because I know that it was not the last time. It will keep happen over and over again along our lives. We’ve got to be prepared for situations like that. So I didn’t let it affect me and continued my exchange trying to forget.


All those differences, changes and difficulties have helped me grow a lot. I’ve had time enough to think about every little thing and it has made me change the way I use to see them. My house, my family, my friends … missing things made me realize how important it is just to be near people we love. This year seems to be passing faster than the other ones.. I feel like I arrived yesterday an I know soon I’ll be back in Brazil and back to my normal life. It makes me wanna travel a lot more and know all the places. I don’t’ know. I want to come across a lots of other different things and people and go on growing day by day.


Now I´ve just moved to my second family and I´m sure it’s gonna be as nice as it was with the first one. Though it’s just a short time living together, I´m sure the contact that I have made here will keep forever. An opportunity like this is rare and unique, and I know it will help me a lot in my personal growth as well as a professional one in the future.


I´m definitely a lucky guy.


Caio Fiche

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